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Thirty percent of American school-aged children are overweight or obese. If this isn't an epidemic, what is?

NEW-LIFESTYLES is dedicated to developing top-quality products designed to help teachers inspire their students to be more physically active.

The good news is that kids love pedometers. Teachers have found that when they bring out the pedometers they don't have to worry about getting students to participate. The biggest problem becomes getting students to stop moving!

Available EXCLUSIVELY through NEW-LIFESTYLES, we offer six types of kits: Elementary and Secondary versions of our premium kit (WOW); our Get-U-Started (GUS) kit; our Bare Essentials (BEK) kit; Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery School Pedometer Progam Kit; and our DIGI kit. (GUS and BEK kits work for either elementary or secondary students.)Pictured above is our Elementary WOW Kit.

Check out our school kits!

DIGI School Kit

MVPA™ Assessment Kit

WOW Kit (for Elementary classes)

WOW Kit (for Secondary classes)

GUS Kit: Get-U-Started Kit

BEK Kit: Bare Essentials Kit

ENERGY BALANCE & WEIGHT CONTROL™ Class Kit (for teens & adults)

Lewis & Clark Kit

Affiliated with a school or organization and want to use a purchase order? If so, in addition to your order, we will need an authorized (signed) purchase order sent to us via fax at 816-373-9929 or mailed to:
Attn: Order Department
5201 NE Maybrook Rd.
Lee's Summit, MO 64064-1122
NOTE: There will be a $10 service fee for any purchase orders under $100. (This does not include pre-paid orders via check, money order or credit card.)


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