Lewis and Clark Corps 
of Discovery School 
Pedometer Program Kit

Developed by and available EXCLUSIVELY from NEW-LIFESTYLES, our new Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery School Pedometer Program Kit commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

In 1804, President Thomas Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and a team of explorers—including Sacagawea, the proud Native American woman who served as the expedition's interpreter—to explore the lands west of the Mississippi River. The journey took more than two years and covered approximately 8,000 miles (That’s about 16 million steps!).

This year communities around the country are reenacting this dramatic journey. NEW-LIFESTYLES, the leader in school pedometer programs, has developed a school kit especially for schools wanting to illustrate to their students the massive distance these explorers covered.

By using pedometers in class, your students can track how many miles they walk during your program. By adding their step or mile totals together on a daily or weekly basis, you can track the students’ progress along the same trail Lewis and Clark traveled 200 years ago.

This kit includes the following:
  • 30 yellow SW-401 DIGI-WALKER Pedometers with steps and distance in miles
  • 30 security straps
  • 2 Organizer Boxes
  • Pedometer ID stickers
  • Teaching With Pedometers: A School Activity Guide by fitness and pedometer expert, Teresa Vollenweider. Teaching With Pedometers will help you facilitate a pedometer program in your school. It’s packed with 40 age-appropriate pedometer activities and includes graphics-rich reproducible copy masters for each activity.
  • Also included—Reproducible Lewis & Clark Expedition activity copy masters
  • 1 WALK ACROSS THE WILD WEST CHALLENGE™ Chart (22” x 36”)—the best way to track steps and miles along the Lewis & Clark trail and several other western trails as well—the Pony Express Trail, Oregon Trail, California Trail and the Santa Fe Trail
  • 10 WALK ACROSS THE WILD WEST CHALLENGE™ Charts (11” x 18” Home Version)—perfect as reinforcement incentives for improvements in students’ levels of activity (Why give them a trinket when you can give them an incentive with a real purpose?)
  • 3 Press releases you can customize to promote your physical education program
  • 3 Parent letters you can copy to promote your physical education program where it counts—in your students’ homes!
  • One 10,000 Steps Guide written by Teresa Vollenweider
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Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery School Pedometer Program
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