EveryStepCounts.com Online Community (Currently unavailable.)

Included with your NEW-LIFESTYLES' Online Bundle pedometer purchase is a Registration Code that allows you to join the EveryStepCounts.com community for a 1 year term. Much more than a simple logging system, EveryStepCounts.com's community is a fun and enjoyable way to set challenges, chat with others, join discussions, and learn to incorporate activity into each day.

The goals we have set for EveryStepCounts are:

- Encourage and foster physically active lifestyles.

- Provide a means for individuals to log daily step counts and daily nutritional choices.

- Promote lifestyle changes, not fad diets or plans with little chance of long term success and arguable health benefits.

- Serve as a forum for sharing goals, ideas and thoughts with others.

For only $29.95 for a 1 year term, you can join the EveryStepCounts.com community and renew the commitment to yourself to be physically active. Remember that adding EveryStepCounts.com to your pedometer order is only a fraction of the cost. What’s more, the payback for this small price could be many additional months of regular physical activity and all of the positive health benefits associated with your NEW lifestyle!

The Registration Code will allow you to Register as a user at EveryStepCounts.com for a 1 year term from the date of registration.


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