Wellness Wear™ T-shirts

Designed personally by NEW-LIFESTYLES President and CEO Teresa Vollenweider, NEW-LIFESTYLES T-shirts allow you to share the power of exercise with others. T-shirts make great incentive prizes and rewards for school or corporate programs. T-shirts come in four sizes: M – XXL.

Did You Walk 10,000 Steps Today?™
"Rx: 10,000 steps a day" on the front and the big question with the NEW-LIFESTYLES logo on the back. Color: White

Walking Works!™
Featuring our beloved character Ruby Reforming, this shirt celebrates walking as a way to improve your health and weight. Color: White

Sit Less; Move More!
Did you walk 10,000 steps today? This shirt motivates you to get up and move! Color: White

EXERCISE - Practice Preventive Medicine
This shirt has a colorful EXERCISE on the front and "Practice Preventive Medicine" with the Prescription Exercise Logo on the back. Color: Red

Prescription Exercise
Share with the world our prescription for good health: "If exercise could be packed in a pill, it would be the most widely prescibed and beneficial medicine in the nation". Back side features diseases and conditions improved through exercise. Color: Ash gray

Why Exercise?
This shirt lists 22 reasons why exercise is good for your body. Color: Ash gray.

Exercise Works™
This colorful design features silhouettes of women with active lifestyles. Color: Ash gray

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