NEW-LIFESTYLES' Patented Security Strap

Security StrapSecurity StrapOur own patented design, the NEW-LIFESTYLES security strap provides a safety net for your pedometer when its clip gets dislodged from your clothing. Complete with a bulldog clip that attaches easily to clothing, belt loops and pockets, our strap doesn't require a belt loop, safety pin or Velcro.

We've avoided near-tragic circumstances multiple times when our own personal security straps have saved our pedometers from crashing to the ground or splashing into the toilet. It's the best $3 you'll ever spend!

Strap is about 5" in length.

Note for BULK ORDERS: Submitting an order for 25 or more Security Straps will automatically place you in our quote queue. Look for a quote in your email Inbox within 48 hours with discounts applied to each item in your cart. Bulk orders include 1 Quick Start Guide, but guides are available online at any time.

A024$3.00, 10/$27.50, 30/$75.00, 50/$112.50, 100/$200.00
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