Need to learn the most appropriate placement on your body for wearing your pedometer? Curious how many calories you ate at lunch? Looking for ideas to use step counters with kids? These are great reference tools that help you make the most of your new lifestyle!
(All Guidebooks are non-returnable.)

Teaching with Pedometers: A School Activity Guide (with Parent Letters & Press Releases)
This is the same great School Activity Guidebook as listed above. The difference from this set is that it contains sample Press Releases and Parent Letters to help promote your program.

With the purchase of this School Activity Guidebook, you'll also receive:

Pocket Folder (which houses all activity worksheets)
• Pack of Reproducible Worksheet Copy Masters
Sample Press Releases
Parent Letters

10,000 Steps Guidebook10,000 Steps Guidebook
Our 10,000 Steps Guide includes program information, instructions for DIGI-WALKER™ pedometer use, guidelines for good health, strategies for goal setting, and a place to record your steps.

Carbohydrate, Fat & Calorie Guide
This guide has everything you need to make healthy food choices. Listed in an easy-to-use format, the guide includes nutrient values for thousands of foods, including brand-name products, fresh foods, vegetarian dishes, prepared foods, fast food favorites and so much more!

Fitness & Nutrition Planner
Great Weight Loss Tool! This planner overviews healthful eating practices and the importance of exercise as part of your weight-loss program. The planner overviews the 10,000 Steps a Day philosophy, and provides you with a step equivalents chart so you can include other types of exercise into your daily steps total. As a bonus, the planner teaches you 10 simple, at-home strength-training exercises to help you tone and strengthen your muscles so that your body burns more calories while at rest and during exercise.
(Please note that all paper products and books are non-returnable.)

Three Months of Fitness & Nutrition Record Logs
Great Weight Loss Tool! Many successful "weight warriors" find that recording everything they eat each day helps them keep tabs on caloric intake. Using this same idea, we've created this daily log to help you track your intake AND your expenditure. Record your steps, calories burned, and other types of exercise daily. The log (with the Fitness and Nutrition Planner, described above) helps you calculate total caloric expenditure, keeping in mind your BMR (the calories your body burns to stay alive). The log helps you see where you need to make slight adjustments to ensure weight loss success!
(Please note that all paper products and books are non-returnable.)

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