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Pedometers & Accelerometers
In terms of accuracy, reliability, ease of use, and cost, NEW-LIFESTYLES pedometers have no peers. From our supply of top rated pedometers, you can not go wrong.

Program Kits & Materials
From individuals, students, worksites, or wellness programs, NEW-LIFESTYLES has a program kit to fit your needs! Choose from one we've assembled or customize a kit of your own.

Health Education Resources
Trying to help more people be more active more often? We have a host of free brochures, a series of Health & Fitness Fact Sheets, and an email newsletter ready for you to share with others.

Tracking & Logging Systems
From paper logs and posters to internet tracking systems, NEW-LIFESTYLES has many terrific ways to keep track of your progress no matter whether you're tracking yourself or a whole group.

T-Shirts, Incentives & Rewards
Big kids and little kids need rewards! Check our our many options that can be used as daily incentives or to reward individuals for bigger achievements.

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